100% Hardie

Mike Roebuck Ron Clark Construction
“We chose the 100% Hardie program because we feel it aligns nicely with the many other high quality materials and programs that we include in our developments. Our homeowners appreciate the additional protection that the program offers.”
Mike Gorham Gorham Companies, Inc.
“We have been using James Hardie ColorPlus® siding products for number of years now and have come to rely on its quality, versatility, durability and beauty as a great selling feature on all on our new homes. Now, being a 100% Hardie builder, we know that our homes and buyers are being protected by the best warranty in the industry. All of our installers have been trained by James Hardie reps, and every new home is personally inspected by James Hardie and certified as a 100% Hardie home. It gives both us and our buyers a great piece of mind that they are getting the best quality product and installation. The 100% Hardie program is a no brainer for builders that want to set themselves apart and provide their clients with a real value and peace of mind.” 

Choose 100% Hardie

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“As a builder of many 100% Hardie homes, I can truly say that James Hardie gives us the timeless architectural look we are going for on these homes. When you drive by our 100% Hardie homes you can really see how they stand out from other homes.”
Scott Busyn Great Neighborhood Homes, Inc.
John Quinlivan Gordon James
“What does 100% Hardie mean to us….peace of mind! When a partner stands by you and their product it shows our customers they are serious about customer service and quality. At Gordon James, we see that as a sign of strength.” 
David Frosch Kootenia Homes
“I have used James Hardie products since the late 90’s and have always been impressed with the quality of the product. Since that time James Hardie has brought to market the ColorPlus® product that I totally love using. No more callbacks because the painter didn’t use enough paint! Our homes look better for much longer. Clients are more than pleased – what more could a builder ask. I use James Hardie products on all Kootenia Homes and would highly recommend it for anyone considering building a new home or residing your existing home.”
“As we preview the specs of our homes, just the name James Hardie stands out as a high-quality product. The simplicity of maintenance, with the warranty coverage is a major contributor to our brand.”
Chris Norton Norton Homes